Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weekend News: Nokia toolkit, Wired on Gizmondo

October issue of Wired goes graphic novel on Gizmondo's meltdown (the promised game console equipped with GPS). It also includes a two-page article on the growing dominance of TeleAtlas against the giant NavTeq.

It details the sale of GDT and how the group helped move the company forward.

California passing legislation on GPS tracking: "SB 1178, sponsored by Sen. Jackie Speier, D-San Mateo, [...] makes permanent a pilot sex-offender GPS program."

Second from the new-generation of GPS satellites from Lockhead Martin to be launched Monday.


Nokia announced the release of Carbide c++ based on Eclipse. "Developed in cooperation with Symbian". Care was taken to provide a migration path to users of the previous toolkit provided by CodeWarrior.

As in their toolkit, Carbide offers three product levels: Professional, Developer and the free Express. Previous users can upgrade from CodeWarrior 3.1 offers to the corresponding ones in the Carbide toolset.

Carbide c++ 1.1 Professional and Developer are now available in the same download, requires registration for product key generation.


Carbide c++ Professional includes an User inteface designer for the SWT based graphical library.

RAD Tools were introduced by Borland with products like JBuilder with RAD standing for Rapid Application Development.
The free version, Carbide 1.0 Express wasn't updated since touched last at Feb 21, 06.

For Java development also based in Eclipse there is Carbide.j 1.5, available for free.

There is also a Visual Studio 2003 .NET plug-in available (I believe it is free), notice the version because there is currently no support for the newer VS 2005.

Installed base

Just notice that we are talking here in 39 million devices running Symbian OS and still according to the PR, "during the first half of 2005, more than 14.5 million devices were sold to more than 200 network operators worldwide."

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