Tuesday, September 19, 2006

GPS News Day

Good one so far. Precious article at "The American Spectator" [which is way too much into the right for my taste but to the point on this particular issue] talking about bad and distracted driving versus conscious and hopefully blessed if you try.

[Which means multitasking like in a video game by shifting attention targets while taking a ton of metal around town. Which is saying if you are young enough to fire all your neurons while commuting... ]

Eric Peters at some point says:

"Any suggestion that driving is in fact a privilege to be earned rather than a right to be conferred is met with violent opposition -- from teens to AARPers to everyone in between."
Get the whole piece to understand where GPS fits into this.

Another interesting piece comes from NPR. A very clever explanation of GPS equipped phones, like the Nextel models and the different remaining breed of Assisted-GPS devices. Mologogo and Smart Agent mentioned as cool examples of LBS product & use.

And at this same blog on a previous post learn how to install a midlet, or Java J2ME app to your Nextel/Motorola phone. Finally, if you still think some more of this Assisted-GPS deal requires a better understanding check: Want to understand Assisted-GPS? and for privacy issues Can you Track me now?

NPR article also mentions "Fun with GPS" author's Don Cooke.

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