Tuesday, August 15, 2006

RouteBuddy: GPS on the Mac

RouteBuddy trial version is available for download, works with USB and Bluetooth GPS receiver when set to NMEA device. The $99 US$ package can log a track automatically or within preset intervals. Map for US costs $50 each. European maps also available. Pretty basic user interface and feature set. Without actual data hard to say if the whole package is worth it.

Demo/trial shows Arizona map, but if you plug a GPS to it you will get a blank area. You can place waypoints, create routes and calculate distances. From there you can launch Google Earth and Google Maps to pinpoint your current location.

Map data from TeleAtlas includes searchable POI (point-of-interests). Intel upgrades promised to be made available soon. Check this blog for a similar view on this package and a pretty comprehensive list of other packages available on the Mac.

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