Friday, August 04, 2006

News, not so news

A whole month worth of news and not so news about GPS and Location-based services:


Location based services are popping up: ProximityMedia is providing an infrastructure for Bluetooth devices with its MediaServer. When iPods starts supporting BlueTooth you will be able to listen to what is broadcasted around you.

D.C. Taxis: GPS used to calculate fares.

Dutch Bikers using GPS to track routes
To help bicyclists find the best route to get home, a Wiki type effort was created to grab GPS data and a good map of Holland. The result is a web-based map that you can use to get directions for your bike ride. Drag the green flag to the start of the route, and the red on to the end. Hit item 3, Bereken Route! and see the results. Zoom in and check the left pane for detailed directions. Learn some Dutch along the way and you are done...

First seen here.

BackPacker magazine offers now routes with GPS data for bikers, runners and hikers. Offers include data for Denver, Chicago, New York, LA and some other major cities.

Another site is with .gpx files download for bike routes. is another option for rides in LA.

First seen here

GPS on the PSP: If you can’t wait for the official hardware, try adding GPS to your PSP with this tip.

GPS can help give early warning of tsunamis.

Garmin delays Mac GPS support until end of 2006 for its Training Center package.

Want to buy some POI (point-of-interest) data? Or topographical maps from Mexico?

Jealous GPS Stalker gets jail.

Galileo Data Craked
According to this article on the EETimes "a team from Cornell University Global Positioning System (GPS) Laboratory has cracked the secret codes to be used by Europe’s Galileo global navigation satellite network, despite efforts to keep the codes secret". GPS World magazine published their findings here.

Google launches live traffic map for cell phones
Still no GPS support, but you can now get live traffic data for a search. But CEO opens up and describes his view of the future of Google offers with location based radio ad’s among them.

Useless Studies Dept:
I don’t think I would need a study to figure this out...

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