Wednesday, August 09, 2006

GPS-enabled Pigeons Flying

This art-science-digital mashup project has been opened for business of "environmental air pollution data gathering". Public events are scheduled in San Jose Downtown. You can watch a test flight movie at the blog plus schematics, pollution data, pigeons info and a Google map with different color schemes that shows where the city is more or less polluted with their flight tracks. [But it ruffled some feathers...]

From the schematics it seems that something like the Siemens XT55 is part of the gear. This is a "tri-band GSM/GPRS-enabled module [...] equipped with GPS". I wonder if the magnetic field generated by this device isn't strong enough to throw off their sense of direction. Remember reading about a research where magnetic particles were found in the back of pigeons heads. And it seems that men got some of these particles too.

Digital Compass

On the hardware front, Yamaha is making available for use in mobile phones and navigation systems a digital compass with the YAS529, "worlds' smallest class of three-axis goemagnetic sensor IC chips". Yamaha is answering user's demand of a "heading up function, that keeps the map oriented in the direction of the user's movement."

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