Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DIY: C# Code for GPS

Borland doesn't have support for CompactFramework (yet?) so I had to go with the devil on this one. Visual Studio took 2 hours to get installed. I could read the name of every single file and registry entry being processsed. Half a second each it seemed.

MSDN took some chunk of it but the real culprit seems to be the .msi engine. It sucks. Big time.

Now I found this neat GPS code sample under "Coding4Fun, Where the Heck Am I?". Good luck finding things at MS' site. Messy. But after some dead ends you start to manage the complexity. How much time do you want from me?

Anyway. It built and ran just plain fine. Well organized project, or solution as those folks at Redmond call them. Anders is behind C sharpness after Gosling laugh at him. Battle of Egos. Unfortunate.

If you got a Bluetooth unit, plug a dongle to an USB port, select the MainForm.cs and run the project. GPS Client window comes up with four tabs. Select the Set Up tab and set the COM port. Hit connect and wait. Don't hit connect without setting the COM port first. You will have to kill the GPSClient.vshost.exe process.

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