Sunday, July 30, 2006

VC++, Dark Side, Physical God

Blog is something that has to be made, while you waiting for what you are actually doing, gets done.

So reporting from the Dark Side of Development Tools, I’m going about installing embedded visual c++ 4.0, plus SDK’s for PocketPC, plus emulator images, plus going about MS search results and so on.

It is a long, dark path. No doubt about it.
First, gotta loose the mouse, gotta lose it.

But people hangs around to jump the holes and whatever else you aren’t exactly counting with.

So, 76% on my outside wireless… Sun is giving good night on this longitude and I’m getting back from a well-deserved, earned, needed vacation.

There, let’s re-install the SDK…

Ok, back while the repair function copies some files. Taking quite a while for that. I decided to clean the registry entries for my own install path and couldn’t finish.

Will have to find a tool that can do multiple key editings on XP.

It is a tortous path, incredibly confused and confusing. So why take it? Maybe it is the Dark Side?!

Ok, done there. Well, I guess I still need to do something about the CompactFramework, .NET and all that stuff.

Sun still telling me good night, birds working over His tone.
Physical God. That’s our religion.

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