Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rat race

How do you get off of the technological rat race? Picking a winner and betting all those chips? Grooming a good candidate till it parts with the higher bidder?

The fact that you have to make technical choices when you want to use some new tool like GPS, iPod, Cameras, some sort of communication and storage shows how far we put ourselves from our real needs.

We wait for the tech giants to decide our chosen paths. Afraid of trying new waters ourselves.

It is all out here: GPRS, or APRS; packets, servers, webservices, storage, racks, memory. Find some hole in the spectrum and hop on it. Whatever we as a group can put together that works towards those goals. Now Google is the savior. Ok, enough already.

The Open concept has to expand into hardware so that what has already been established in software can now be combined into actual products, hardware. Making specs available for anyone to put them together. E-Blocks is a pretty neat concept when used for prototyping.

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