Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No more tickets: GPS Speed Sentry

After the detour at Symbian packages and even Mac stuff, let's get back to the original PocketPC thread and talk about GPS Speed Sentry version 1.34. [Don't confuse with GPS Sentry, an add-on for the Today screen].

You can download GPS Speed Sentry at the author's website or from Handago and PocketGear. The idea of this product is to give a driver information about his or her speed and to alert when they are going faster than a previously set speed limit. An alarm will sound and the display will show your current speed in red, instead of the regular black color.

GPS Speed Sentry is developed by Trevor Hart (aka tchart) from New Zealand. His website has an interesting map showing which countries are using his product by displaying bars over a 3D map.

The application is notably well crafted and designed. Remember to set miles instead of kilometers if you live in U.S. by selecting "mph" under File Units Speed Units. You can also set the maximum speeds displayed at the main window at that page.

You have five views: a digital compass, a graph of your speed and another of your altitude. You can switch the color schema for use during the day or night. Under File Tools you can generate a .KML file for a given position.

There is also a satellite view with detailed data from your GPS receiver and the main view where you can check your current speed. You can probably save a few bucks with it. Registration costs US$15 for a license.

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