Tuesday, May 23, 2006

GPS Trends

After reading an amusing article on Google Trends at the SF Chronicle, I decided to give it a try using GPS related keywords and soon some trends started to come up.

The top ten countries searching for GPS are all located in Europe, with French speakers ahead of the pack. But Germans make the top 10 spots while using Navigation (combined with GPS or not) as a keyword on their searches.

If you restrict to data from the United States, Tampa and Orlando in Florida come ahead with Pleasanton (CA), Salt Lake City (UT) and San Francisco next.

Italians seem to look after AGPS way more than Taipei, Brisbane and Melbourne. All seven Italian metropolis come first. Australians also look up GPS Maps more than London and SF.

Location-based services made the news at the first quarter of 2004 and searches jumped straight up through the middle of that year. Bangalore is way ahead of everyone with Delhi, SanFran and Munich way behind.

TomTom is mostly searched at its home base, Amsterdam. With searches picking up after it partnered up with NavTeq to use their maps in Europe and North America.

Garmin is looked up twice as much than Magellan and Oslo comes before Denver and Stockholm, with Zurich, Helsinki and San Francisco following. Kansas City (MO), Denver (CO) and Salt Lake City (UT) come first in U.S.

Differential GPS seems to grab the interest of Google users in Seoul and Germany.

Now, who looked up for tracking mostly? Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Miami) and Texas (Dallas, Houston, Austin). But Vegas comes first when you combine it with GPS with Florida and Texas still in the radar now bringing also Atlanta and San Diego.

Cell phone tracking? You guessed it. Just add Phoenix, St Louis and Los Angeles to the flock. Notice the jump straight up around September 2004.

Well, you got the idea.

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