Wednesday, May 03, 2006

GPS Signals Over the Net

This one doesn't make any sense. Maj. Chuck Daniels head of a research team at Schriever Air Force Base had this news out a while ago. Now that was retracted.

But why do you say that GPS over IP doesn't work? If you can have it over wireless like in Assisted-GPS? What are you trying to hide here?

Something it seems. But I'm not going to be the one to ask the Air Force about it. I think this might be related to the cuts being made to the current GPS program itself. Wall Street Journal ran an article [subscribtion required now] on this two days ago.

Now that the Europe led Galileo project is moving ahead at full power, it sure makes the wave of PR generated while Galileo was getting most of the attention look a lot like a little bit of smoke & mirrors to make who knows happy.

Here are some other ways: GpsOverIp Protocol, DGPS over the Net, Frason, NEC.

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