Wednesday, May 31, 2006

db75, Nokia, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile

This blog is a real find. If you are into LBS, Windows Mobile, Ajax, Ruby and all the cool development pathways ahead, just dive deep into A great blog. Its author developed a neat package for Symbian/Nokia's that reads data from a Bluetooth GPS receiver partnering with either a Nokia phone or Windows Mobile based devices. Released two years ago it only shows how savvy is his perspective of the market.

At this point I begin to wonder what should I get myself. I do like Windows Phones because touch screens and lots of colors and good resolution are definite pluses. Symbian's OS in the other hand is a great contender but Nokia is the only way inside the States for their stuff.

Well, we always got Java and J2ME to get out of these traps.

Great material, lots still to read.

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