Saturday, April 22, 2006

Symbian, Nokia and LBS Development

Symbian is a funny OS. Using a freeware like FExplorer you can see that the internal file system of the Nokia 3660 has four "drives", like disk drives or mounted systems if you want to get to it. [BTW, FExplorer website is up & running again. Take care Dominique!]

C (writable Flash Memory), D (RAM), E (Disk/Memory Card), Z (ROM). LBS put a good overview of the Symbian Series 60.

At Nokia's website this is the start point for Location Based Development. It is all there.

Here is a link to the Nokia White Paper for the Location API for Java.

Deep down in the C++ docs you will find this to confirm that this is indeed, Assisted-GPS:

"Location Acquisition C++ API uses only Mobile Location FW Location Server to provide location services to the client applications with both synchronous and asynchronous method calls. However, even if Location Server does not exist on the system, certain parts of the Location Acquisition API (such as position data classes) can still be used. Valid for Symbian OS 7.0s or later."

A-GPS Phones

Nokia launched the 6255i about a year ago with "AGPS for E911 services". A-GPS is also provided by the models 2270, 2280 and 2285. And more recently models 3585i, 3586i, 3587i, and 3589i.

Coding Challange

With all these pointers you might even consider Nokia's Challange, the current one still on-going. You might need to rush.

Bluetooth phones and Fitness Extras

And if you are looking for Nokia models that work with a Bluetooth GPS here is the list: N90, N80, 9500, 9300, 7610, 6682, 6670, 6620, 6600.

Finally, if you are into fitness check the "Nokia Fitness Monitor and Nokia Xpress-on(TM) GPS".

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