Sunday, April 23, 2006

People Tracking

I'm not even going to talk about all of the teen, kid & whatever else tracking news that popped up in my screen in the last couple of weeks. My point about this whole issue is: keep track of those who actually need tracking. Seniors, older people that get lost and can't find their way home. Look at examples in Japan and Ohio. Trust your kid, be with them. Here another, similar opinion on the issue.

Workers are also being included in the current tracking list, like this article shows about New York workers. There is a lot at stake here. Be aware. Don't let the atmosphere of fear scare you. Remember your freedom, keep it, close. Otherwise, just call it by its name: this is called trespassing, like we learn how not to do in our prayers and the Bible.

I might be a bit paranoid when seeing these things, but as a Brazilian that grew up during its worst dictatorship times (btw, didn't you had anything with that?), it is quite easy for me to notice some of the signs I kept of one. It always ended with "National Security" being used everytime someone in the government wanted to close an argument.

Cycles, right?

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