Monday, April 10, 2006

Geominder: "Got Milk?" [tm]

If you checked HereCast you will dig Geominder from Ludimate. The article on A2B mentioned it as a LBS possible use case. It runs on Symbian Series 60 devices.

Let's say you want to stop to buy groceries on your way home. So you run Geominder while walking by the store. The phone knows approximatelly where you are and you can then save the location data associating it to a recognizable icon.


You know that you are running out of milk so, you record a voice message to yourself reminding you of the fact, set the alarm on and go about your life.

Later in the way home, your phone starts beeping. You check it and there is your reminder, if you can't remember why, you then click the voice message and all becomes suddenly clear. Milk!

You need to keep Geominder in Standby, running in background. And the location is pretty approximate because is it based in the location of the GSM Cell tower with the stronger signal around. I would say that the alarm went off a couple of hundred feet from the original location. But still, close enough.

If you want a repeated alert use "Set 'Active after' to" a value between 5 mins and 8 hours for the corresponding location. This, next time you go about the place, will trigger the alarm once more if you go there after the time interval set.

I'm not sure this is the best app idea around, but it is a start.

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