Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Now that I brought this to the table, let me just say a few things:

[BTW, for a more updated view check "Lula".]

1. Now, a Brazilian can buy gas without fear of having to pay tomorrow 3 times more of what [s]he did a month ago. Brasil became self-sufficient in its production and extraction of gas. Now it needs to learn how to refine it in bigger quantities. And please, if someone start to tell that the idea, development and implementation of engines that run on ethanol didn't start in Brasil better be prepared to argue very well on his/her beliefs.

2. It even happens with fissile fuel: Brazil wants to be capable and independent in the production of nuclear fuel. We, as a country, are P-A-C-I-F-I-C-I-S-T-S. I have to spell it out like that so you don't get it wrong. The idea is money. Or are you concerned that we might even be able to pay out our debts and not keep feeding your interests??

3. FIFA's Futebol (the real thing if you know what I mean) World Cup starts in a month and a half, so state your business or get out of the way of my TV! But in respect to one of the greatest coaches Brasil had, I will keep my mouth shut for now

Tchau TelĂȘ.

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