Thursday, March 02, 2006

PR's, rumours and let's check that leak

At this point you probably know that Microsoft is carefully leaking information on some sort of tablet based device by the codename Origami. I only mention it here because it is said to include an embedded GPS and because this is clearly a way to counter and preempt any announcement Jobs could have made about a similar device from Apple. [Update] Windows for Devices got the specs and price (not cheap).

[Update: It is official, but notice the Pharos logo at the bottom of the page. Pharos just announced iGPS 500 to be available by April with BlueTooth, CF and SD adapters, an universal GPS receiver that can work with any available interface. Great idea. But looks like you will need to fork a bit more to have GPS on the UMPC unless they get included in more expensive models.]

Check the PR from LockHeed Martin which is celebrating "50 years of successful in-orbit operations" of its GPS satellite fleet and its continuous modernization efforts.

NavTeq announced the semi-finalists for its Global LBS Challenge with competitors presenting their location-based services like Loc-Aid, Kamida and KnowledgeWhere among others.

And for some real news, a study by Carnegie Mellon University says that cell phones interfere with aircraft equipment specially GPS devices. Com'on, let's turn these things off.

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