Friday, March 31, 2006

Locative Media: Artistic Future

If you are interested in figure out where the whole Locative Media idea and movement started take a peek at "Beyond Locative Media" by Marc Tuters and Kazys Varnelis. It does go over Ben's HeadMap Manifesto and picks this line from it:

"Cell phones become internet enabled and location aware, everything in the real world gets tracked, tagged, barcoded and mapped."
And here a nice summary for the movement:
"Broadly speaking, locative media projects can be categorized under one of two types of mapping, either annotative—virtually tagging the world—or phenomenological—tracing the action of the subject in the world."
And a motif for the movement:
"Locative media strives, at least rhetorically, to reach a mass audience by attempting to engage consumer technologies, and redirect their power."
Which sums up a critical view of the current state of disconnectedness in the words of Coco Fusco:
"In the name of a politics of global connectedness, artists and activists too often substitute an abstract 'connectedness' for any real engagement with people in other places or even in their own locale."

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