Saturday, March 11, 2006

Human Pacman: Virtual + True GPS

While trying to imply what the concept of a wearable GPS could result into, a young fella close by mentioned: "they already did it". I was saying something like: "the idea is to match your virtual location with a real one".

You wearing a GPS-enabled jacket and goggles with some sort of display formed in such a way that you could read and see images. How do you control your movement? GPS does. You and the other players run the labirint and you follow it.

Maybe not exactly as described above but see yourself as PacMan, after something, away from others. Pick your place in the screen showing up in your goggles (no, not the other one), move around this gameboard, define a strategy, watch the game, of loss, and gain. Kinda sounds like Real life.

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