Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GPS Hacks

If you feel like performing a little B&E with your old receiver, check this article on how to add an external antenna to a GPS unit.

It is based on a previous mod for the Talon GPS, sold by Rand McNally for the Palm III a while ago but not available currently and probably hard to find nowadays [There is at least one on eBay going on by Apr 1st].

You might try with a "suitable receiver" as suggested, but as the comments to the article made clear, a bit tad risky.

GameBoy, Explorist, Meridian

For a better set of hacks check this site which describes how to use GPS with the GameBoy Advance (GBA), creating custom maps for the Magellan Explorist and tons of good materials on Garmin tools and receivers plus utilities including the shareware AddMagMap a tool you can use to "add custom objects to Magellan MapSend maps".

Great site!

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