Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who owns the GPS data from your car?

Legislators in Virginia approved bills that sought to provide better protection for car owners. From this article on PilotOnline:

"A House committee passed [Del. Joe T. May's, R-Loudoun] bill, HB816, Friday. It would specify that the information belongs to a car’s owner, except when law enforcement officers are investigating a crime or mechanics are fixing the vehicle. The bill would allow owners to sign a contract with an insurance or security company to release that information. Some consumer advocates, defense lawyers and legislators think the bill still leaves the car owner vulnerable."
The article gives a good perspective about what may lie ahead. Six other states have similar laws. According to this page from Bankrate.com:
"California settled the issue recently with new legislation that will take effect in July 2004. Under the new laws, carmakers must tell a buyer if there is an EDR (event data recorders) device in the car."
Time to act.

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