Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gravity Monkey

Jason Uechi put together some J2ME apps that I ran into while looking for Java code for the i415. I found his work at his Gravity Monkey website.

Jason produced the "silly" game and has some downloads available for J2ME phones like Phapper, a GPS-based app that looks like a stripped version of Google Local but which actually uses your location fix. He also seems to be behind Mologogo which replaced Phapper (Phone-mapper) and some other projects.

Red | Blue was released quite a while ago just before the last elections, the idea is that you can figure out if you live in a red or blue state based on your location. The app uses data from fund raisers to determine your place's color. It is also supposed to use your bearing and position to figure out if you are getting into a red or blue area. In this case, just head West (or NorthEast) and you might get into some Blue if that is what you are looking for.

His site doesn't take much load so try it at some odd hours (for PST). If you can't get there you might want to try the cached version of his pages on Google. Jason is also working on Shrunq, a lightweight web browser that is currently in beta showed in another site.

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