Sunday, February 05, 2006

GPS in Golf Balls, Fiat's driving MS

I couldn't let this one pass: with the miniaturization of GPS receivers you can expect to see some pretty new places for them.

We already mentioned a while ago the idea of fitting pigeons with a tiny backpack containing GPS + radio transmitters so air pollution could be measured in San Jose, CA. Now a new breed of uses is cropping up in the sports arena: Golf balls with GPS, or baseballs and footballs. Imagine the reams of data one would get to play some stats with.

In another news: there are some conflicting reports about Sony PSP's getting GPS receivers in a new rev. The current issue of Playstation Magazine (PSM) adds a bit more to the rumor mill. And according to GameShout, this it is a done deal.

Finally, not so cool as the Volks/Google announcement but Fiat is working with Microsoft to add a multimedia center and GPS navigation to its cars, initially Alfa Romeo's and other top-of-the-line models.

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