Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Make magazine published by O'Reilly released its 5th volume. Check page 127 for some tips about using GPS for drawing. The article points out MotionBased mapping tools and GPSograph, a tool developed by Hugh Pryor and used to make most of the cool drawings and animations found at the GpsDrawing website that I'm not sure is available for general use.

If you want to delve deeper check GpsVisualizer tools and the work of the Waag Society. They had people walking, biking, driving around Amsterdam with GPS to build some cool maps. The results can be seen under Maps and on the MPEG-4 files under Cumulations. They seem to be the same group who recently worked on the Milk project.

Garmin Forerunner users can draw over Google Local or Google Earth by grabbing Google Running Logs, a set of Perl scripts written by Dave Mabe as pointed by the GPS archives of Make.

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