Thursday, January 19, 2006

Traffic Conditions

If you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you might be able to see the current traffic conditions for some Highways in the SF Bay Area (Hwy 17 & 85 where the Jam Factor for Southbound seems to be stuck around 4) at the bottom of the right navigation bar on this page. That thanks to free "magnets" from Just pick the style, area, highways and you will get a code snippet that can be added to your own webpage.

If you sign up for a mytraffic page (in a different account) you can also create up to 9 "drives" and 6 custom reports by providing the begining and the end of a road. You can also sign for SMS alerts for your cell phone, mobile & desktop e-mail messages and RSS feeds. All of it, apparently for free. The money is being made with other offers as described by this article from the Boston Globe.

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