Friday, January 20, 2006

Tracking, Tracking

According to Red Herring, Verizon Wireless will soon make available for the Migo phone from LG Electronics a tracking service for kids called Chaperone based on software developed by AutoDesk (who has a whole Location Based Services division now). The article also mentions LBS growth without differentiating between real GPS and Location based services.

New Scientist tracked a patent by Nokia for a "distress beacon" device that can transmit photos, audio and location after pressing "a recessed panic button [that] triggers a pre-recorded emergency message [...]".

And some folks are getting really worried with NAIS (National Animal Identification System) a project from the US Dept of Agriculture that will require all livestock to be tracked by carrying RFID tags and providing GPS data during transportation.

But you can also be less paranoid and track the migration pattern of antelopes to figure out if they still can get where they want with so much development around them.

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Walter Jeffries said...

No paranoia needed. NAIS is good for the big beef and hog producers because it opens up export markets for them at minimal cost since they can do single ID group tracking. NAIS is horrible for small farmers, homesteaders and pet owners.

I have setup a site to track NAIS and fight it. I'll be posting alerts, action items, news and articles there about NAIS as well as linking to additional resources, sites and blogs fighting NAIS. Please spread the word about NAIS so that people know just how bad it is and can fight it. NAIS may be good for the big producers as it will give them more export markets but it is horrible for small farmers, homesteaders and pet horse owners.