Thursday, January 12, 2006

PocketPC Survival Kit III

If your PocketPC has wireless you might want to try using PocketPCRSS, a free RSS reader for feeds like this one. After installing it you will see an entry added to your Today list.

Launch the program itself after obtaining a connection to an access point and select Site Manager. Click Add and type for example:
Hit Add and wait for it to connect and download the available posts. Click Ok and you are done. Tap over any entry and you will be able to read this blog and any other on your PDA. You can also use a cradle and ActiveSync to transfer posts.

If you ever had to play with the Windows registry, you know that regedit32.exe is a pretty handy tool. For PocketPC you can use PHM Registry, a free editor for your registry. The author's website was down recently, but you can easily find it for download in other sites. Besides letting you edit/add/delete keys and its values you can also use it to backup & restore your registry.

Ever wondered how to capture the screen of you PocketPC application? Wait no more. Pocket Screen Capture is a neat and simple free utility that does just that. The only drawback is that all captures will always be written to your /temp directory. But it is not nice to complain about freeware. Thanks guys!

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