Saturday, January 21, 2006

News Industry

In a side note, it is quite educating to follow the "creation of news" over the Web. As an "editor" your job is to filter the echo from the original signal to get to its source. And this is particularly important in the blogsphere.

Chances are that a Press Release covering the new product, service or event was paid for and makes into the printed press (and their websites). You can also read about rehashed PR's that didn't cause enough traction when originally distributed in the market.

The News Agencies like Reuters and Associated Press (AP) are the main feeding ground for everyone, including Public Relations companies that are eager to distribute their "news".

An interesting trend here is the series of articles by Anick Jesdanun covering map providers that get new titles on each publication and repeat themselves around the main companies that either want to get into the market or are already there.

At the end you might really consider what makes into the news, why and who gains with that.

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