Sunday, January 08, 2006

GPS Watch

After writing about ActiveTrace I realized that it just doesn't make much sense to carry a phone or PDA while you are running or exercising in some fashion. Unless you are hiking when usually you will be carrying some stuff anyway, or geocaching & geodashing obviously. A friend mentioned a while ago Suunto and their cool clocks.

The X9i includes barometer, 3D compass, 3 feet resolution GPS and an altimeter which will probably give you a much better reading than receivers using Sirf chips. You can upload your waypoints to a PC and analize them with Suunto Track Manager. It sells for $399 at Amazon.

[Update: Gizmondo covered its download software Track Exporter.]

Garmin also launched this week new models of their ForeRunner product: the 205 for US$267 (image at right) and 305 for US$376 which looks like a watch. Garmin also provides software to upload and manage waypoints on a PC.

[Update: Casio has a GPS model available too, the GPR 100. And it used to make another called PathFinder that had an interesting format but doesn't seem to be available any longer.]

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