Wednesday, January 11, 2006

GPS & Privacy

It is easy to predict that 2006 will be the year when the P in GPS will sound as in Privacy. The amount of tracking products and services is growing exponentially.

You can track cars, motorcycles, dogs, kids (with cutesy phones too), teens, (did I say teens?), workers, spouses, sex offenders and any other assets.

Some important issues also will have to be discussed like what is the rule for access to a cell phone location information during serious emergencies.

DMV wants it in your car, States want it to track sex offenders and charge you more taxes. And you will be able to have a rental car with a tracking device in your next trip.

Unions want it turned off and ACLU applauded a ruling in a Washington-based case but a Federal Judge just ruled that State police can use GPS to track you and your car. Without a warrant. And here are some more thoughts for food. [Illustration by Bob Staake]

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