Saturday, January 14, 2006

GPS News

Galileo sends its first signals. "If you had receiving equipment, you could have picked it up anywhere on Earth within visibility of the satellite [...]".

Motorola invests on Global Locate chip maker specialized in A-GPS (Assisted-GPS) and holder of key patents in GPS and its Worldwide Reference Network (WWRN).

Rakon, a New Zealand based company specialized in crystals and oscillators announced the smallest ever GPS receiver (photo).

Paul McHugh sumarizes for the Chronicle his 40-day, 400 miles kayak trip along the Oregon and California Coasts.

"[GPS] gave critical aid, guiding us around a reef [or when] swathed in heavy fog. But if the battery indicator showed power was on decline [Garmin 76C], it actually was in freefall. I learned to add fresh batteries as soon as any weakness was indicated. Recommendation: Coastal voyagers should become adept in GPS use, yet back up navigation with supplemental chart and compass [...]."
Unless you make use of a server-based map provider, you will at some point be confronted with map upgrades. With that in mind GM will now offer two maps upgrades for the Cadillac buyers (XLR Package). I'm guessing that this is pretty much included in its price.

Engadget is asking for GPS device or application nominations for its 2005 Engadget Awards.

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