Friday, January 27, 2006

GPS News: Teaching GPS to Kids, Golfing

This is the kind of news that I wish we would see more often instead of everyone freaking out about tracking everything and everyone:

Kids at schools from Lenoir County in Kinston, North Carolina will be offered outdoor activities classes where they will be able to learn map reading skills, use GPS and play geocaching. Great example.

Golf players are getting fed up to have to wait for players using GPS in their fields: "People are pacing off yardages, looking for sprinkler heads, hunting for yardage markers, driving their carts to every ball because they have GPS" and meanwhile, a game will take a couple more hours than it used to.

Brits might be able to have driverless cars equipped with GPS and RFID in their roads by 2056. And Toyota is working on a self-parking Lexus that makes a writer wonder if we will be needed in the future.

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