Wednesday, January 11, 2006

GPS Games

Location-based services are picking up and as this article in the current issue of the Spectrum magazine points out so are the location-based games, like RayGun.

GeoCaching is the most popular. But you need to be careful... GeoDashing is picking up and in a similar vein is the Degree Confluence project where "the goal [...] is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location." hosts several GPS-related games including GeoDashing, GPSGolf and MinuteWar. GPS Drawing offers some pretty impressive results as you can see here in their Gallery. WindSurfers also have their dedicated GPS game. MIT has an augmentation reality project where you can help save the environment playing a detective.

British cab drivers could be "played" with a Monopoly Live version of the Hasbro game as covered by Wired at the time. Remember Tron? In GPS::Tron "the players move in real space, they are tracked by GPS and their position influences their position in the game."

GPS phones, Location services & MMOGs

Boost Mobile offers two GPS-based games from Blister Enterprises for their Nextel/Motorola phones: SwordFish and Torpedo Bay. Check for the supported models from Motorola/Nextel on their corresponding FAQ's.

For Nokia phones one of the original MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) RPG games, UnderCover 2 can also be played with Bluetooth GPS receivers and/or location services from your phone provider. And before that you had and still have BotFighters 2, developed by the Swedish DayDream to be played thru a WAP browser or a J2ME-based Java client.

Wired covered also Mogi, an even earlier game developed for Japanese phones. Here is a reasonably updated list of games available for mobile phones.

GPS enabled Game Console

Gizmondo sells now in U.S. a handheld gaming console that can be used to play Colors, their only GPS-enabled game. They also make the Gizmondo Navigator which runs CoPilot software for navigation. Currently out of stock, the Gizmondo Silver with Smart Adds sells for $229.

[Update: Feb/7/2006: But things don't look too promising for Gizmondo operations in Europe. And BusinessWeek ran an interview with Peter and Robert Sprogis, the management team of Your World Games on MMMRPG and GPS-based games a while ago.]

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