Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Free Traffic Updates, GPS to Track Jogging & Elephants Diet

Peace in '06 and here are some GPS and other related news: TANN (Traffic Advisory News Network) provides free and subscription based services for traffic updates in several U.S. cities.

PocketGear sells TrafficEdge, a wrapper for TANN website produced by EdgeQ for $9.99. You can try it for 15 days for free. You will need a working wireless connection to use with it.

Besides maps of traffic conditions you can also check webcams like those from Kron4 for the Bay Area. One interesting note is that while running on a PDA in low memory conditions, TrafficEdge launches IE to display a map, you can try its corresponding URL to check for the Bay Area conditions.

Vito Technologies launched ActiveTrace, a GPS-based app for PocketPC's that can be used to track your physical activities. Download the .zip file instead of the .exe if you want to give it a try (the .exe had a German version instead of the English one). Connect a GPS receiver, configure it and start a new track. Review coming soon.

Scientific American published an article on how GPS was used to track the movements of elephants during two years to help study their eating habits. The study also showed how much space the elephants need so by avoiding contact with humans while looking for food they will have better chances of survival.

And Anick Jesdanun from the Associated Press continues covering the mapping industry. There are lots of different versions around from the previous article.

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