Monday, December 12, 2005

TrafficGauge: your traffic conditions handheld

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle today, to make things even simpler and without the need to fork a thousand bucks or more, now you can check for traffic conditions with a little gadget from TrafficGauge. For about $79.95 plus a $6.99 monthly fee you can visualize the traffic conditions in the Bay Area, Seattle ($49.95) or Los Angeles. Based on data from Caltrans sensors and SpeedInfo the Palm-looking PDA without any buttons (always on) receives updates wirelessly every four minutes and will show the conditions of the main highways on a fixed-display LCD where the traffic might be a crawl (blinking, really bad; solid lines, bad) and where it is not. You can try it for free on your own computer.

Update: O'Reilly Radar capted it recently with some nice analogies.

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