Monday, December 05, 2005

TomTom History

Looking for TomTom trials available on the Web you might run across three of the old packages distributed by them: TomTom On-Line Maps, TomTom CityMaps and TomTom Route Planner. You might find maps of Europe for use with these packages. But they are covered here mostly for historic reasons.

OLM requires a working connection to the Internet and according to its documentation it only covers Western Europe. After installing & running it a first time, it tries to connect to a server to obtain a service directory but without much success. It doesn't seem to have a server operating currently. Here is a review by PocketGpsWorld and here another by UnWired.

CityMaps and Route Planner 3.0 look pretty similar, you can download a demo version of Koblenz in Germany and another from Luxembourg from Tucows.

Tap and hold the location of the map where you want to set the start of your trip, do the same for your destination and stopovers. Select the A to B icon at the toolbar and you will be presented with a route. You can select the details from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

RoutePlanner has a pretty cool way to show how the route is being draw and you can use the same location tool to be taken to a specific point on your route. But that is all history now.