Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pocket Earth 3.4

Pocket Earth from Blue Point Studio's is exactly that. A geography lesson in your PDA. Grab the demo at PocketGear and notice that you can try it 15 times, not days. So, get it when you feel like taking a Geography class.

The package is extremely well done and carefully designed. You can use it with a GPS card in their latest version, but that doesn't really make it any better than it already is. With a GPS connection you get a compass that you can place anywhere in the screen with your velocity, bearing and your location is marked in a shaded 3D map of the Earth.

You can choose between a handle tool to position the Earth (and the Moon, Sun) and a Point tool that let you connect two or more cities. Doing that you will know how far apart those places are and their bearing.

You can also select a flat Earth map, remove the shadow from the Earth, add grids, make the Earth move or not, zoom in and out and so on, lots of control over what and how things get displayed. If you have a wireless connection you can download weather information for selected cities.

A search tool allows you to find cities by country, name or population. After you make a selection the Earth moves gradually to take you to the chosen location. Really neat. For $19.95 it is definitely worth the price.