Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Looking up again

AstroNavigator from Vito Technologies can be tried for 15-days before you have to fork US$25 for a license. Vito produces several other packages including Vito Navigator and Vito Manager (soon to be reviewed).

Probably because of that, AstroNavigator can hook up to a GPS receiver and obtain location information plus time to display the stars and planets in your sky plus the current position of the NAVSTAR satellites.

AstroNavigator offers sliders to help position the sky, plus a circle-around-the-Sun type dial that you can control to display the sky at any location.

You can locate stars and constellations like Orionic and control the amount of clutter to be displayed (grids, labels, etc). Pinpointing a star or planet will provide a popup with all its related information and position.