Saturday, July 02, 2005


Campbel, CA
Parking lot at Bascon Ave.

Latitude: N37° 17.2728'
Longitude: W121° 55.9533'
Elevation: 190 Feet

If you decided that you want to get into GPS you will certainly be overwhelmed by the amount of choices and possibilties.

First stop: the choice between a (flexible) handheld, and dedicated GPS devices.

Look thru Garmin, Magellan and Lowrance websites. Magellan has a table comparing the features of all its models and they do look cool in their rugged plastic covers.

But I gave up pretty soon to the dedicated GPS devices. It happened while touching them at Fry's and seeing their 16-bit based gray scale LED's combined with poorly designed fonts and a whole new set of menus to understand and buttons to learn.

Ok, I'm misguided and prejudiced... (Yes, and you will eat your words...) But like matricial printers, 16-bit gray LED's are just too much for my old brain to deal with. I could see that UI becoming outdated right there and realized that it probably would take a little bit longer to get started with Global Positional Systems.

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