Saturday, July 09, 2005

National Geographic Topo! Offers

I tried to imagine what power the Topo! division has inside the National Geographic space. It would be good if they keep a good amount of it because they do have a great product line.

The more I look into it the more impressed I become. Last time I decided to look over Topo XPort Pro. It opens quite a few more doors than I could work for one post.

I was checking its current price because somehow a $99 price tag stuck with me, maybe from the billboard of an old installer version of the State series. In reality, today it sells for $199. The good news is that I now realize that this is the best entry to their product line.

Why? Because it includes

  • One State Level of your choice (99$),
  • Complete Level 4 maps of all USA also known as U.S. 100k data set(69$),
  • Pocket Topo! (29$)
  • and updated street and road GDT’s (Geographic Data Technology) information.
So, same difference as buying those packages separately (but I cheat here, because Backroad Explorer which includes the U.S. 100k data set already comes with a license for Pocket Topo!)

But it also includes an export utility, thus its name. One of the exporting formats supported is GeoTIFF. A standard that seems to combine images and its corresponding metadata.

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