Friday, December 04, 2009

Old News: AR is the Next Big Thing

AR Dev Camp, Dec 5th in Mountain View, CA and NYC.

Sprint users GPS data up for grabs, EFF coverage. Meanwhile AugmentedPlanet asks if anybody cares about their privacy.

Twitter GeoLocation API enabled. As seen in Twitter 360 (photo), iPhone App for geolocatting tweets [via].

Geotagging life: NoteLife, iPhone App, $4.99

SimpleGeo getting a lot of attention.

The Future of Geostreams panel [at the Washington Post].

Friday, November 06, 2009

AR, MS and the Mayan Calendar, Future

Want to try your hand on some AR coding? Check the Open Source Augmented Reality library for iPhone development at Github.

NPR shows how to track tax dollars with AR.

ArsTechnica wanders about the actual possibility of an open smartphone.

Crave published shipment data of mobile phones from In-Stat.

Fortune gave Steve Jobs a 10-year commemorative plate.

Leaks Dept.: PC World got a hold of the "Courier" specs, the Microsoft Tablet. The software show the ideas that MS Research has been working on for a while now, guess they got a "go-to-market" deadline from Ballmer. The feature list might distract Apple for a while, but lets see which vision will become reality. And when.

Talking future check what Parc Place (yes, they are around) is up to in this article from the NYTimes showing what your phone might look like in a couple of years. Like getting help from Siri the virtual assistant.

Or SixthSense and the mix of digital data over analog surfaces with research from the M.I.T.

Mayan Calendar

Microsoft will stop supporting MSN Direct by 01/01/2012, the service that broadcasts FM radio signals with data for DirectBand enabled GPS devices. (via ArsTechnica).

Wired questions Blackberry's future.

Deep Space Dept: Quasars help Earth-based GPS satellites keep track of their position (Via MSNBC).

LBS Apps P.R. Dept: Loopt comes up with Pulse, its new strategy for LBS. A "local search engine", coupons & push service. Via TechCrunch (which has its own branded Loopt app).

Other LBS apps that have similar look & feel are Pocket Life and Centrl (photo).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Scope, The Drone, The Wedding Gift

Hidden among the Urban Spoon iPhone app tabs is “The Scope”. On a 3GS it will use its compass to show what is around you. An incredible freebie sample of what Augmented Reality is about.

Meanwhile the Droid is coming with free GPS under Verizon according to Boy Genius. If that is the case, it will be a first. Via eWeek.

Also, will directions be made available for free now that Google is about to dump TeleAtlas and its license agreement? Via Forbes.

VentureBeat rounds up location-based apps present state and what may be coming ahead.

Finally, a geeky husband takes his bride on a GPS quest, via LA Times.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Apple Maps, GPS for iPod Touch & Garmin Phone

Busy newsweek...

GPS resolution improved to 2 meters within Europe with EGNOS.

Sounds like Apple might be on the way of dumping Google Maps from the iPhone by purchasing Placebase back in July. Placebase put together the Pushpin API. Also at Wired.

Something else from a while ago about the details of the next generation of Apple & Nike+ system with GPS sensors.

Unused GPS info can reveal snow depth data, via Wired.

And finally arriving via AT&T the Garmin smartphone, via BusinessWeek.

Not yet available but already making the news a GPS Add-on case for the iPod Touch.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Location Apps Growing Up

Paying with your phone finally arriving to U.S. through Starbucks. Stores that take the card can be found in San Jose, Cupertino and Sunnyvale, with one each, plus five in Mountain View, CA and eight in Seattle. Download the free "Mobile Card" app from the AppStore to get the actual addresses.

Judge won't take: "GPS made me do it."
"You [...] can use your senses too." Via CNet.

Meanwhile, scientists find out that migrating monarch butterflies carry a "GPS" on their antennas.

Confirmed: In Massachusetts warrants will let a GPS tracking device be included (not exactly as an optional) in someone's car.

GPS-based speed traps warning apps becoming mainstream.

Cool "location tagging" parody on YouTube (via Wired).

Palm drops Windows Mobile and Pre is Palm's risky business.

Verizon not quite opening it up in the 700 Mhz range.
Does anybody care?

Two new great location-based apps for the iPhone: GeoVector World Surfer and GaiaGps. Paid apps, yes.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Timely PhotoStream

Edlimagno's at Flickr.

Friday, August 21, 2009

GPS Drawing, Nokia Ad, Pre evolving

NYTimes on GPS Drawing.

Chumby licensing its software to other appliances while EETimes shows what is under its hood.

Twitter developing location-based API.

Nokia releasing a new Linux-based Internet tablet, the N900.

Latest Wired includes a Location Ad for the N97 by Nokia (photo) and an article by Steven Levy showing how the Pre evolves what was brought in with the iPhone.